Surak, the second graph is the one that needs to be shown to the world.

Good to see you are keeping up the good work.

Have you watched this:


It is very very disturbing how our medical professionals have deliberately deceived us.

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Hello! I saw your comment (and appreciated it). Regarding the SSRI topic, a subset of the people who receive them do benefit from them greatly (William Walsh has gone into this and I tried to cover it in the article--the important part is that those who will benefit are never screened for).

The problem is that many do not and are seriously harmed from them (prior to the COVID vaccines, the SSRIs had one of the worse total severe injury rates for any pharmaceutical on the market). I have friends who have benefitted from them when nothing else worked, and a comparable number who were severely harmed. A risk/benefit profile like that is not acceptable for a medication, especially one that is given out indiscriminately and often quite aggressively pushed on patients.

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